Steam and other 32bit stuffs technical problems

Hello, I use Leap 64 bit with gnome shell.

I Steam in past always working fine… And other stuffs too… Some week ago starting the problems, with Steam, crying about (of course installed, glibc-32 bit is installed, and all other 32 bit thing what is years ago need for run 32bit softwears on 64 bit system… for me never was problem with this things… But anymore I can’t play with games on opensuse, or very limited, and I cant use the potetntial linux functions in games (if running the linux version)

Soo I dont know what happend, what is the problem I read forums, I read about kernel changes, and other things, but I dont read about any working solution, (I dont use terminal, never need for me in last 10 year on openSUSE) this OS always was fine out of box, but now and of games…

How I can play games again with Leap?

Did you tried to reset steam client installation ?

Open the terminal and run the following command: steam --reset

It should download and install new installation files for the steam client (it should not delete your downloaded games)

I hope it helps you :slight_smile:

The issues with Steam on Linux is a hot issue.

Steam uses 32-bit libraries and was built only for Ubuntu, so getting it on other distros can outright suck sometimes.

You will have to use a terminal to fix this issue.

If steam --reset doesn’t work as above, a few commands you can try.

LD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/ /usr/$LIB/ /usr/$LIB/ /usr/$LIB/' steam

If you want more commands that may help you out, the Arch Wiki has some great info:

I know these are some lame workarounds, but that’s just the state of Steam right now sadly.

Hi, this is liamphmurphy on another account.

I want to share with you a simple bash script I found here:

And modified it to do the same with OpenSUSE.


LD_PRELOAD='/usr/$LIB/ /usr/$LIB/ /usr/$LIB/ 
/usr/$LIB/' steam 

export DISPLAY=:0 

#export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose 

And then I chmod +x the sh script.

In addition, I also set it to KDE’s autostart so it will start right away, and that has been working for me. I hope it does for you!