Status of TW moving to GCC8

Found these links, if you are curious:

I must be the only one watching this … over the last 19 days, the number of gcc8 blocking bugs dropped from 10 to 4.

I didn’t have any reason to comment.

In his most recent “Review of the week”, Dimstar says that gcc8 will be coming soon as the distro default compiler

Tumbleweed - Review of the week 2018/21

There’s one bug left which has a patch pending. Soon!

As this is not a request for support, it will be moved to Chit Chat.

Thread closed and moving.

Thread moved and re-opened.

Wow, just wow. Let the massive gcc8 pending change be a surprise to people that read the forums. Whatever.

I would imagine folks who use Tumbleweed to be also tracking changes via the development and support Mailing Lists.

No … it should be mentioned in the forums, just in the right place. For reference see the Forum Rules or Forum FAQs.

“gcc8 is in Factory” (Martin Liška)