Status of the Tumbleweed /ports/i586/tumbleweed repository

Does anyone know why the /ports/i586/tumbleweed repository is stuck on 20230403?

TL;DR. Because nobody is both interested enough and have necessary skills to fix build problems.

If you look at project status, image publishing is blocked because some packages are not available. So either project description has to be modified to ignore these packages or these packages have to be fixed to build again.

When i586 architecture was split off it was made pretty clear that Tumbleweed maintainers are not interested in 32 bit architecture. So the fate and future of this port is in the hands of those who need it. If nobody will step in and maintain it it will disappear.

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That’s a pity.
I’ll try to fix it.

If you’re responsible, thanks! I have an i586 upgrading to 20230511 now. :slight_smile: