static libusb

hi guys, Im’ new to this forum and pretty new for opensuse…I’m starting to use this distribution to evaluate it for programming.

I can’t solve a strange problem that in other distro is not present

I’m trying to compile a program that require static libusb and this is the error:

static libusb 1.0 not found (not in /usr/local/lib/ or /usr/lib/)

It try to use these files that I’m not able to install in opensuse:


where I’m wrong?is there a zypper pack that install them?

thanks a lot

You may need to install the libusb-compat and libusb-compat-devel packages first.

zypper in libsusb-compat

already done :O((( but that files are non in it

Try libusb-devel

Via openSUSE software search:

I have opensuse 11.4…maybe is for these reason?maybe something is changed starting on this version?

yes…confirm…no more libusb 0.x …we have to use libusb-compat now…have to change way to compile my program