Static IP on OpenSuse/KDE 11.2 RC

OpenSuse 11.2 RC 7 KDE live CD installed to HDD.

Hi. How do I configure my lan card for a static ip? If I use the network icon in the system tray, it doesn’t even list eth0 in configuration, even though the option to connect with it is there. Obviously it won’t connect using DHCP since there is no DHCP server.


Probably the best way to do this is through yast>network devices>network settings.
Choose the box that says use traditional ifup control and then close. restart the network settings choose the network card and settings in the setup tabs.

Thanks whych, I’ll give that a try next reboot. It appears the default network manager isn’t quite ready for prime time.

Worked like a charm and posting this from 11.2 RC 7 Many thanks :smiley:
Now to sort out dual head!