Static IP assigned to network card, but DHCP process initiated

At least it explains why NetworkManager is started. To make sure it is the reason for your second address - stop NetworkManager (systemctl stop NetworkManager.service), then again perform ifdown and ifup for your interface. Do you observe second address now? If yes - make sure to verify that NetworkManager is still stopped.

Stopping the network manager and bringing the network card down and back up leaves me with a single (the static) IP address.


I prefer to keep the Teamviewer daemon stopped and only enable it when I need to use Teamviewer for clients, or other reasons.

If you wish to do the same, you could:

systemctl disable teamviewerd.service

Then, when you want to use Teamviewer, you issue:

systemctl start teamviewerd.service

and when done:

systemctl stop teamviewerd.service

I do it also for security reasons, as well as lightening the load when it is not in use.

Good. So this is TeamViewer bug - it must not hardcode NetworkManager dependencies, if it wants to ensure network is up, it should instead use generic You may want to report it to TeamViewer support channel.

In the meantime you can copy teamviewerd.service to /etc/systemd/system and edit to to remove explicit references to NetworkManger.

Thanks for debugging the issue.
I’ll go to Teamviewer for issue resolving.