Static IP address overlaid by DHCP

I’m trying to run my Raspberry PI 3 as an application server and need a wired Static IP address. I used Wicked under Yast to set the IP address and everything works fine. I come back later and the Pi’s IP address has changed to a DCHP administered address. I check with Yast and it shows my static address, but IFCONFIG shows the DHCP address, which also responds to ping. There seems to be a similar problem with Raspbian and the Pi 3. I’m fairly new to the Pi and openSUSE.

Any ideas?

I would suggest switching to Leap 42.3 since 42.2 goes EOL in a few weeks :wink:

Under YaST Network Settings highlight your device and then tab to edit. Under the address tab it’s set to Statically Assigned IP Address check box? Under Hostname/DNS it’s all configured (hostname, domain, DNS and Domain Search) and Set Hostname via DHCP is set to no. Under Routing tab the default gateway is set?

If you restart the network also, does it reset to the static address;

rcnetwork restart


Thank you for posting as the issue is kicking my tail on latest (Leap 42.3) build of several Pi 2 B’s. Had everything in place last weekend, and returned home to find DHCP. NMAP was helpful, tried both wicked and network manager (not sure of name) but as you stated; its become DHCP, yet ifconfig displays selected static, as well YAST displaying my settings.