Startup script


I have a shell script which connects up my wireless. I just want have it so that it’s the last thing run on boot up. Can someone tell me how I do this?


I suppose you could put it in ~/.kde/Autostart.

I suppose you want your wifi run much earlier and independent from KDE.

This should go in /etc/rc.d and have links in /etc/rc3.d.

Look at examples in /etc/rc.d on how to make such a script and how to add comments to it in a way that YaST knows in which level to start/stop the service.
When it is in /etc/rc.d you can go to YaST > System > System Services (Runlevel) and will (hopefully) find your service and switch it on. YaST then will make the appropriate links in e.g. /etc/rc.d/rc3.d.

Edit: When it is an ‘extra’ network interface you can delay this until runlevel 5 of course, but starting network interfaces at runlevel 3 is normaly done.

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