Startup Issues

Good Day,

Hi, Just wanted to ask what can probably be the issue with my machine, i haven’t touched it for like 3-5 days
then when i powered it on, it gives me this error.
I’m using openSUSE 42.1

At a cursory glance it looks like a problem with a hard disk drive, or drives.

Drive cables all fully plugged in, no loose connections?

CMOS battery failure? Are the drive(s) configured correctly in the bios?

Can you boot from a live CD or USB?

I tried checking on bios and hard drives are still detected, doesn’t have other drives besides the one with openSUSE.

i’ll try to get on the cmos. thanks for your advise good sire!

Good Day,

I tried checking cables for HDDs most of them seems working, cmos battery checked as well,
Any ways on fixing this? is this an OS corrupted issue or something?


Rather looks like a dying hard disk.

Oh, thats a bad news :frowning: thank you for your response will do a test and most likely buy another one :cry: