Startmenu disappeared


I accidentally removed my startmenu, and now I don’t find how to get it back.


No matter what desktop environment you’re currently using(Gnome or KDE) just right click on the bar and add the menu you desire.

There was a similar question some time back. I made a blog post to help that guy. You can also have a look at that here.

@ A13kSAk3: which bar do you mean?
@ Cross_Am: I don’t have the “Add panel” option.


on kde
right-click (on the panel at the bottom of the screen) -> add widget-> application launcher

something similar on gnome too

And how do I get this panel at the bottom of the screen (like in Windows)?


you dont have a panel?

right-click on desktop-> add panel

As you can see, I haven’t got this option…

is that kde 3.<something>
then if i remember correctly the panel is called kicker.
try <Alt F2> and enter kicker
hopefully,that should give u the panel

No, it’s the latest version of KDE, 4.1.3

now i’m confused
that screenshot looks like a kde 3… context menu
anyways, just to be sure, did u try running kicker?

yes, I tried that, and it gave an error xD

It should be as simple as right clicking the panel and selecting panel options and selecting “add widgets” or clicking on the funny looking yellow thing in the upper right corner of the screen when you view the desktop (often called the cashew) and adding the application launcher (either one will do), drag and drop whatever you wish.
To configure where panels go and such right click again and select “panel settins” and it should say “screen edges”…

I think KDE 4.1 has that if I am not mistaken, but I use KDE 4.2 right now.
You could update to KDE 4.2 if you wanted to, in some ways its less stable but its more functional then KDE 4.1

yeah. its a simple thing. its been suggested already
but he(or she) doesn’t seem to have a panel at all(not even the default one).

i too am using 4.2. but getting it installed was a pain.
i’d suggest not to upgrade until its stable enough.
it doesn’t allow me to install konqueror. and some other apps as well.
system tray is a waste of space as it doesn’t display anything!

well, try that as well, if u have that funny looking thingy

Now did I get something like this:

But still it isn’t the “normal” startmenu, with time and programs, etc.

well, now that you do have a panel, adding the rest would be easy.
right-click-> add widget
and select the ones you want.
and about the menu, there are 2 kinds the classic/simple (dunno what its called). i’m at work now, on redhat, so can’t check now and tell.

and how did u get back the panel?

I know you can choose other widgets, but if you do that, you can’t see your minimized programs, I guess?

taskbar should be one of those widgets.
just check it out.
i can confirm only after i get home

I found it :wink:

have fun :wink: