*Starting YaST2* hangs during first boot after installation


I had been dual-booting Tumbleweed with Win 10 on my 2017 XPS for two months. But this morning a daily # zypper dup messed up my Gnome and other stuff. So I decided to re-install Tumbleweed.However, after the installation indicated “installation successful, restart to first boot”, I got this:

starting yast...
Starting Installer
Probing connected terminal...

Initializing virtual console...

Found a Linux console terminal on /dev/console (240 columns x 67 lines).
*** Starting YaST2 ***
/mounts/np_0001/usr/share/YaST2/modules/StorageInit.rb:77: warning: constant ::Fixnum is deprecated

This showed up during the shutdown of the first boot. It just hangs there for about two hours.

I tried two versions of openSUSE iso file so I don’t think it’s my laptop’s issue.

Please help. Thank you.