Starting X Window Server and Configuration

I’m running on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 and I wanted to know if it comes with X Window Server out of the box. I’m also interested in information on how to configure it in case it has to be manually configured.

Whilst X also used in opensuse, for your SLE11 Servers best check in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Forum: Rancher Labs

Information on how to configure available in online manuals : Chapter

The X Window System (X11) is the de facto standard for graphical user interfaces in UNIX. X is network-based, enabling applications started on one host to be displayed on another host connected over any kind of network (LAN or Internet). This chapter describes the setup and optimization of the X Window System environment, and provides background information about the use of fonts in SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server.

Am NON-Technical, despite this reading text and linked pages, it seems clear the * " X Window System (X11) is the de facto standard for graphical user interfaces…**"* thus an important part of each version.

As this SLES question clearly does not belong on the openSUSE forums, it is closed.

A pointer to the SLED/SLES forums is alreay in the post above.