Starting with ipVanish VPN and NM help with connection please

I am lost in a confusion of security questions and need help please. I am running TW with KDE desktop and have set up (I think) a VPN connection with my ipVanish account but I get stuck with the security when I try and connect.
The KDE Daemon asks me to “Authenticate New vpn connection” by providing secrets for the VPN connection ‘New vpn connection’
I can see I have not named it but the connection appears to be present but I have no idea which of the many “secrets” I should use. I have tried my ipVanish login pw, my own login pw and root login pw and none work. Please could somebody enlighten me?

I have looked at my laptop configuration which has VPN installed and working. Sadly I have no recollection of how I did but the conspicuous differences are what I need in the Gateway setting and the CA certificate both of which have sensible entries but no idea how I found them.
OK I have the certificate but still cannot get the login to work.

For security you do not need a VPN, it only adds complexity and do you really trust your VPN provider more than your normal Internet provider?

Do not be foiled, VPN providers do want to make money so yes they will push the narrative that it is more secure.

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