Starting udev ... -- then hangs

HP ENVY 15t-j000 Quad Edition CTO Notebook PC
EUFI … only legacy mode as an option.

Attached external DVD drive to powered USB 3.0 connector.

Used boot menu to select USB DVD drive

Booted to 13.1 DVD

within install GUI, I get as far as loading kernel … then video flips over to text only … booting starts up to the point of "Starting udev … " At that point it hangs; black screen, power stays on, no reboot occurs. No clue provided. I don’t get to the point where the install kernel starts looking at hardware.

Get the same result whether I use the 1 TB 5400 SATA drive or install my new Samsung 120 GB solid state drive.

DVD media is fine as I’ve use it to upgrade other openSUSE boxes.

Not finding anything useful via Google.

Appreciate any assistance.