Starting Name Service Cache Daemon ......false

During boot OpenSUSE 11.2 M7
Default instalation minimal server.

“Starting Name Service Cache Daemon …false”

unscd is installed

/etc/init.d/nscd start returned 7 (program is not running)

Same here. After "su -c ‘rcnscd restart’ " this is logged in /var/log/messages:

Sep 17 16:08:08 Laptop nscd: 24126 Failed to run nscd as user ‘nobody’.

OK, now we know the user ‘nobody’ is not allowed to run nscd, so we want to know where it’s told to run as ‘nobody’. It’s in /etc/nscd.conf:

max-threads 32

    server-user             nobody

debug-level 0

I’ve changed this to ‘server-user root’ and tried again to start the nscd daemon using ‘rcnscd start’. Same error comes, now for root. Don’t know anymore. Have to find out first.