starting i8kmon at boot

I am new to openSUSE. I’ve been with Ubuntu for years but decided to try something different.

I’ve used i8kmon to control my fan speeds in Ubuntu and I’ve got it all working in openSUSE except I can’t seem to start the i8kmon daemon when I boot my laptop. I’m running 11.1. I’m using KDE as my desktop.

In Ubuntu (Gnome) there was a start up script to load the daemon which I placed in /etc/init.d, made it executable and then updated my startup directories with the script. To do this, I ran command

sudo update-rc.d i8kmon defaults

Of course, in KDE there is no “update” command. I believe its counterpart is “chkconfig.”

I need help. Perhaps I need to add the command “i8kmon” somewhere to start when I boot.

Actually, I need to make a correction. I used to have to put a start-up script to load the daemon in /etc/init.d, recently, in Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 all I had to do was have i8kmon autostart by adding “i8kmon --daemon” as an entry to my sessions autostart list (in System → Settings → Sessions) in Gnome.

I guess, all I need to know in openSUSE 11.1 KDE is how do I add “i8kmon --daemon” in KDE’s autostart utility? Or, do they have a counterpart to GNOME’s autostart?

Well, I found a solution to my problem over on the Kubuntu forum at Autostart Howto - (Knetstats as an example)

There, Rodneyck states:

I searched the web looking for a simple way to get knetstats, a network monitoring tool, to start in the system tray at startup. I got nothing for my efforts. What I did find was a command for another program that works for any app that is located in /usr/bin/xxxxx, so here goes…

In a terminal type the following to start app at KDE startup (knetstats as an example)
ln -s /usr/bin/knetstats ~/.kde/Autostart/knetstats

To remove, type in a terminal
rm ~/.kde/Autostart/knetstats

I’m kinda surprised no one was able to help out here at the openSUSE forum. Anyway, it’s solved.

I presume you’re using KDE 3.5 because of the .kde file (not .kde4).

In konqueror if you choose Go > Autostart you’ll be in this directory, then you just drop an executable script there. will be run at KDE startup with normal user privileges. It is so simple that I thought your problem was different, or I’d have answered. Sorry about that.

Regarding Knetstats, you only need to put it in autostart if kde is set to start with an empty session in KDE Control Center > Components > Session manager. If you choose to restore the previous session knetstats (and other applets) will be there.

Oops, thanks brunomcl for asking about kde.

No, I am using kde 4.1.3. I made the appropriate changes to Rodneyck’s instructions on kubuntu’s forum:

ln -s /usr/bin/i8kmon ~/.kde4/Autostart/i8kmon