Starting Drupal


I installed drupal7 for 13.2 (I use 13.2 and KDE) from the repo of aeneas_jaissle, it was version 7.34 ( Everything went well. I have apache2, mysql and php installed, apache2 was started and I checked that it works with “It works” php code when putting “localhost” on my browser’s address bar. But how can I start making projects with drupal7? I created a user in the mysql database, but how can I start drupal and build a website? Please advise, thank you!


you need to edit the file


and comment out

Deny from all

and add

Require all granted

in between the Directory tag.

Then restart apache2

rcapache2 restart

Then open your favorite browser to the url:


That should to the trick. Some folks might have a better idea.

You might to clear your browsers cache or try a different browser if you cannot log-in after the configuration is done. I did

That did it! You guys ARE awesome!

Now I am trying to access the admin page, that is:


and I get this error:

Object not found!        The requested URL was not found on this server.          If you entered the URL manually please check your     spelling and try again.      
  If you think this is a server error, please contact the [EMAIL="%5bno%20address%20given%5d"]webmaster[/EMAIL].  
  Error 404

Maybe someone knows why…I cannot do anything without having access to dashboard.

Cookies related. I tried on Qupzilla and it worked. So maybe Mozilla firefox registered a wrong password…

I just wanted to ask: what is the difference between a regular user and the admin on Drupal? Because I logged in with the user and I have access to everything.

Solved this, too…if you click on Edit profile, you will find a „Roles” option and you can change between Admin and regular user.

Hi again!

If I want to create a website on, let’s say,, what should I do? Should I create a new user in MySQL and then go to

and install it on that website? Should I also change “localhost” in the settings to “”? Your advice is appreciated, thank you!


That can be configured via

Yast2 --> Network services --> http server

You must read apache2 docs for that. If you have it installed you can try browsing


Many many thanks for your excellent reply!