Starting applications in specific locations in KDE

Here is a challenge. I have been searching as time permits but I am not even sure which terms will help define the search.

Here is my challenge. I have a workstation dedicated to monitoring. The goal is to have multiple web sessions and other applications running across dual screens on multiple virtual desktops. I have a nice Perl/TK/wmctrl script that will automatically rotate the desktops. All is working great.

The problem is, I need a solution to automatically start the applications on the correct desktop, with the correct window size, in the correct location on the desktop. That way we can start the monitor boxes in the morning and have everything start in the correct place. It is a really cool effect to have wall mounted monitors with cube rotation showing off multiple graphs and more.

Do any of you pros know how to start an application with a specific window size and define where on the desktop it is placed? The box is running OpenSUSE 11.4 KDE. Is that kind of control possible?

Thanks in advance for the help.

right click window title bar -> configure windows behavior-> windows rules -> modify
this should handle location and size on a single monitor (which is what I have) but no idea if there’s a way to include multiple monitors in the placement. The resulting config file should be ~/home/smiley/.kde4/share/config/kwinrulesrc

this might help with use of multiple monitors Apps opening on secondary monitor

To force an application to start on the top left corner of your right monitor, you should use the following settings in that application’s section of kwinrulesrc: