started /boot drop to recovery

So, it seems that i am unable to boot 12.2 with software raid (I’m guessing), which causes a pause at “started /boot” dumping me into recovery mode. I’ve got a separate boot partition, not in raid, on a viao that shipped with dual ssd. Neither grub or grub2 will boot.I’m at a loss to fix this… any hints?

If you can boot a LiveCD with Raid Connected, I might consider disconnecting the RAID and installing on the boot drive alone and connect the RAID after the install. If the LiveCD does not work and hangs, then its time to post a bug report for openSUSE 12.2. Does an openSUSE 12.1 boot disk work OK or just what did work before, if anything?

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Haha, unfortunately there is no “boot drive” because this laptop ships with ssd’s setup as a software raid.

At any rate, I got it working by specifying that each raid partition be mounted using UID instead of the default, which I cannot remember the name of. Basically systemd is to blame and was trying to run fsck on a drive location that either did not exist or was never properly mounted. Systemd apparently does not like it when it cannot find drives listed in fstab.

On another note, what a pain in the a** it was getting RC2 up and running. If I didn’t have experience dealing with issues like video drivers, boot init, terminal commands, etc. I would never have got it working. I also had huge corruption issues with the nouveau driver.