Started a new channel on YouTube which features openSUSE exclusively

I think openSUSE is possibly the best distro out there but I don’t think it markets itself well. With all the YouTube “Linux Gaming” channels out there using either Ubuntu or Arch, I’m hoping I can help bring openSUSE to the spot light :slight_smile:

The channel I started is focused around Linux gaming and reviews. It’s called EtherealGaming. I’m also trying to distance myself from the die-hard “Linux Gaming Community” which I’ve found to be somewhat close minded and lacking in quality content. I’m only going to focus on older (retro?) Linux games for now like RocksnDiamonds and SolarWolf for now. I did a review of a Dos game through Wine that I think came out pretty good, too.

I try to make sure I feature at least part of my openSUSE desktop or applications so that perhaps it will cause people to ask questions like “what distro is that? what’s your desktop?”

Let me know what you guys think!


Watched the intro (part 1), rocks & diamonds, TF2 and Alien carnage so far, very nice.

A big thank you!