start vncserver service when system starts...

dear, in centos / fedora, I can config to start a permanent vnc session by setting the /etc/sysconfig/vncserver file when the system starts. Is there any similar configuration in opensuse which give me a permanent session?
thx a lot.

There should be in yast, IIRC, “remote administration” (in network services) which, when enabled, will enable the default(s) vnc servers from /etc/xinted/vnc.conf or something simmilar.

From that vnc conf file you can enable / disable / tweak the vnc server services, e.g. enable from certain IP’s only, change the ports where the server will listen on, etc.

Cheers and good luck.

Look at-Yast,system,system services(run level).

Top right hand switch to expert.
look at list and check it off, bottom of window pick your run level to start at.
Bottom left click on the start/stop to start it, then save.

There are several vnc instances/options in openSUSE, three IIRC (e.g. ghostintheruins mentioned one). Which one are you using?

thx, the one i am using should be tightvnc

thx all, let me try the suggestions out :slight_smile:

OK – thanks – are you starting it form the command line (something like “dbus-launch vncserver”) and you want it to start auto at boot time, is that what you’re asking about?