start VirtualBox VM without login

I have a opensuse 11.1 Samba and NFS server. I want to install a windows Server 2008 terminal server as a virtual server. So far I know how to auto start a VM with a login script but I want the VM to start much like service without having to login as a particular user. So far I can not find a way to this, does anyone know how to do this VirtualBox? Maybe with a different hypervisor?


If you look in the Virtualbox on Linux forum at you should find some howto postings on starting a VM from the boot scripts without going through the GUI.

Yeah, I have been looking around there, found some long init.d scripts but a little hesitant to try that sort of stuff. I was just wondering if someone more familiar with opensuse had found a better way to do it specific to the distro.

I guess I’ll have to set up a test box and mess around with it.

Thanks for the help…

There isn’t much that can be simplified in service init scripts. They all use the vboxheadless (or equivalent) command to start a VM without a GUI.