Start up/shutdown

When I shut down, among the endless scroll of of text I notice a msg saying something like:
cannot umount /home hope this is all right
Then when rebooting I notice that fsck has to do some repair work. Of course if I was using another OS, all this would be hidden by a pretty splash screen and I would not have to worry my pretty head; but I am not, it isn’t so I do.
Is there a way of doing an interactive shut-down / reboot so that I can read each page before allowing it to proceed?
If not, how do I review the stuff that scrolls past? Is it all in dmesg?
Also noticed is that the machine loads and unloads and labels eth0, my ethernet card. I do not use cabled net ATM, can I somehow rem it out, so it does not have to bother, but not permanent so I can put it back later?

Apologies to any folk who also use “Linux Forums”, and have seen this before, but no help was forthcoming there!

A few minutes after posting, my updater icon flashed, and guess what…


Hah! Well, there you go …