Start-up fade in effect has gone.

Hi, when suse starts I used to get a nice fade in effect for the desktop, it still happens when I log in as root, but not my regular account.

Any ideas how to get it back?


Configure Desktop->Desktop Effects.

Make sure Desktop Effects are activated on the “General” tab.
Check that the “Login effect” is activated on the “All effects” tab.
And on the “Advanced” tab, Composite type should be set to “OpenGL 2.0” and Qt graphicssystem to “Raster”.

Sweet! Solved! And thanks! :smiley:

BTW you should never log into a GUI as root. You can inadvertently cause damage.

The reason root worked is because root has it’s own home it is /root

If you think a problem is a user config problem create a test user and try there, never root.