start up double entries

When I start OpenSUSE (Leap 15.1) I can see what is happening if I press <F1>
On the screen I see that everything gets a OK
I noticed that many entries are double.
Is that normal?:wink:

I don’t doubt what you are saying, but… check that you’re not seeing “Starting” and “Started” (the text does scroll quite quickly), for example:

May 07 16:17:08 Orion-15 systemd[1]: Starting dracut pre-trigger hook...
May 07 16:17:08 Orion-15 systemd[1]: Started dracut pre-trigger hook.

what does the journal show after you’ve booted?

sudo journalctl -b

The same has been reported for LEAP15.0. There are a few threads here about it.

In fact, I had it myself.
I did not answer here, because I am not sure I understand the case fully. It seems that things are indeed running twice.
People advised changing a kernel parameter in the grub configuration, but I lost the exact oen. Something from (or to) quiet. That thenremoves the spash and you see what happens, but it is only once.

I ended up with plimouth.enable=0, but that is a bit different.

Also, these are all bypasses. I do not know if there is a bug report.

Rather vague story, isn’t it :shame:

Thanks for the replies
I made a photo of the screen. It clearly shows that actions are executed double (at least the show on the screen)
If you like to see the photo contact me in a private message.
The output of journalctl -b is quit long. At first glance I don’t see a repetition in it.
If you like to see the journal contact me.
After loading the system works fine.
Please, let me know if this is a normal behavior. Thanks for the attention

Well, I do not think it is normal, but it does not hurt (as you found out). When you do never look, you will not see it at all.

BTW, I do not think we need proof from you. It exists. See e.g.