start menu / task bar went away

I have some people that keep knocking the start menu / taskbar (windows terminology) thing off the bottom of the KDE screen.

How do I get it to return (and go away for that matter), other than a reboot.


i take it you want to hide/unhide the taskbar ? right click on it & click on configure panel. you can make it do almost anything you like.


Hi Deltaflyer.
Well, that’s the problem, it’s not there anymore to click on.
I right click on the desktop and I can select config desktop, but I don’t see any options for getting a taskbar back at the bottom of the screen.

PS. Did our old usernames/passwords “go away” from the SUSElinuxSupport website?
My old username wasn’t in the list of members here, but I can’t register it. I’ve actually forgotten what the name was at the top of the old website’s forums (I don’t think it was SUSElinuxsupport?)?


Hi. Right click on an empty space on the desktop then choose “execute application”. There write “kicker” and return. Taskabar should be back.

Kicker worked. Excellente’
Thank you