Start Menu/KDE Menu is gone!

Hi, after installing Suse my KDE Menu is not there, the one in the lower left like the windows start menu. It’s just not there. Should I remove Suse and reinstall it?


That shouldn’t be necessary. And if it’s removed in the user’s configuration, reinstalling wouldn’t even change anything.

First, I saw your other thread regarding two monitors.
Maybe just the resolution is somehow set wrong and the Menu is outside of the monitor?
Try to enter “Configure Desktop”->“Display and Monitor” and change the resolution.
(you should be able to start it by pressing Alt+F2 and entering “systemsettings”, although entering “Configure Desktop” should find it as well I guess)

Do you still have the panel (with the system tray, clock, desktop switcher and task manager)?
If yes, and only the K-menu is missing, just add it again by clicking on the toolbox icon and choosing “Add Widgets”. The menu should be in the category “Application Launchers”.

You could also create a new default panel (which should include a K-menu) by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing “Add Panel”->“Default Panel”.

It is always nice to tell which version of openSUSE you use. Then we all know what we are talking about.

It’s 13.1. 64 bit.

Thanks that has solved the problem! I just needed to re-add the menu :slight_smile: