Start Job runnig

Why all of a suden am I getting a lot of the ‘Start job’ & ‘Stop Job’ running ?
Used to be occasionally, but lately it seems to happen 2, 3 or more times a week.

I do shut down every evening .

systemd is starting the services on start and shutting them down on shut down.
When a service can not shut down by systemd, systemd will wait 90 seconds to kill that service.

This 90 seconds are defined in the systemd config.

I have a lot of test installations of various distros, including all Leap versions, and TW on every PC that isn’t a laptop. I find it common that systemd fails to start something or other on boot, with the result that it uses all 90 seconds trying to stop something that never started in the first place, usually something that wasn’t supposed to start, typically by disabling and/or masking, but often because of the DM failing to exit within a reasonable time after the last/only user logged out. On my test systems I have a drop-in /etc/systemd/systemd.conf.d/local.conf containing:


It cuts the 90 seconds down to 7, as I find no pleasure in hunting down why something fails to exit expediently for a reboot or shutdown.

Guess I need to do some editing, last 2 nights it was 2 minutes shutting down a ‘stop job for User Manager’.