"start" button /kickoff un responsive

After a boot up Start button is fine. But after run a few program & let it run for a whhile I am not able to clikc it. It wont open. I am forced to reboot.

HO DV500 Notebook, 11.1, KDE 4.2.4

remove all additional plasmoids see if that helps

rename .kde4 to start a new one, see what happens

Process of elimination.

What are plasmoids?

They are like hemorrhoids but less painful!

Plasmoids/Widgets whatever.
The plasma desktop itself is one, so just choose plain desktop not folder view, remove any widgets.
If that doesn’t solve it.
Try a rename of the .kde4 folder (this will at least establish if there is corrupt settings as opposed to something deeper)
You need to logout to CLI and do

mv /home/username*/.kde4 .kde_4old

username*=your user name

when you login you will have a new desktop without any settings, like when you first install.