Start bridge when cable plugged in to eth0

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I have virtual box installed on my machine, which requires a network bridge for my guest O/S to work properly. The network brige is configured to contain tap0 and eth0. Is there a setting I can change to make the bridge (br0) only come up if a cable is plugged into eth0? I don’t see a startup mode for the br0 device, and I can’t make the eth0 ifplugd as I need to mark it as no IP address for the bridge, and that disable the startup mode select box.


Since VirtualBox 2.1, bridges are no longer needed.

VirtualBox 2.2 has just been released, so if you use something older than 2.1, I recommend upgrading, binding the virtual NIC to a host interface is very simple now.

Read the manual (Chapter 6 IIRC) to get the full set of (new) features.

P.S. You can even use NAT and forward port(s) which is also an alternative as your Host will work as a NAT-router for the guest, so you get extra packet filtering (unsolicited traffic) “for free”.

That’s great, that will make things easier. Do you happen to know if there is a repo that has VirtualBox 2.2? I’ve been looking around and the best I can find is one for 2.1.

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I prefer to use the PUEL version from the site anyway. I make sure the kernel-source package is installed and then whenever the kernel is updated I do

/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

and all works again. With a repo you have to wait for the package maintainer to catch up with the kernel release. Apparently DKMS is supposed to solve that, but I just saw that somebody had problems with the OSE version with the latest kernel update. That’s why I prefer the PUEL version. I only use it for playing around with distros anyway, not any work for which I would have to get a license, or use the OSE version.