Stardock Fences

I’ve been using Stardock fences for around 2 months on my netbook and have found it to be extremely useful. By useful, I mean it organizes my icons in a similar way KDE4 does on my desktop. What more can I say, it is a basic program. :stuck_out_tongue:

To further my attempts of recreating a Linux DE in Windows, I found a nice little virtual desktop manager called windowspager that adds the crucial “send to desktop x” and “keep on top” options among other things. With these two programs running, I feel more like I’m running in Linux than Windows… that is, until Windows 7 RC crashes from a driver problem! rotfl!

I should have been a bit clearer. I don’t remember having problems with OS/2 stability or with floppies prior to Warp. IIRC EA’s (longer filenames) didn’t come until Warp (OS/2 V3). The unreliability only came with EA’s on floppies. On overall Warp reliability, I suspect @cjcox put it into the right context.

Again, different memories. I recall back then comparing DR-Dos, and MS-DOS and OS/2 multi-tasking of DOS apps, and for the DOS apps that I used, MS-DOS came out a distant (and really distant) 3rd.

Never used DR-Dos, but when OS/2 first launched, MS-DOS didn’t multi-task. Technically, Win 3.1 didn’t really multi-task, but the people you spoke about wouldn’t have understood that. By the time Warp launched, running DOS apps on OS/2 was much better, but not enough migrations to OS/2 had occurred to encourage S/W vendors.

Fair enough - but most the people who I knew at the time, when I talked to them about Microsoft’s Operating System (which was Windows-3.1 and 3.11 and NOT win95 when I was considering OS/2) had absolutely no interest in OS/2. None. They also had no technical backing for their view. They had purchased the Microsoft line hook and sinker based on advertisements and the odd review, of which they understood next to nothing.
I can remember that and those kind of people, but I was using OS/2 before Win 3.1 arrived. DOS to Win 3.1 was a much simpler move for a company, than DOS to OS/2, on availability of leading apps alone and then the H/W considerations, so by the time Win95 was rumoured it was lost for IBM. Remember, the home PC market would never really see OS/2, not before Warp (I guess not much even then).

IBM had the once chance in our office back then (1990/91) and for our LAN purposes it was unstable.
Warp was only just emerging 1991/92, and Win 3.1 was in a very strong position already.

Indeed Wordperfect had many fans, but lost out to MS Word. Mind you I always thought Lotus Word Pro ('97 version) was better than MS Word. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for the tips.

When 11.2 is released, I’ll bite the bullet and make the jump to KDE 4, then.