Stardict: segmentation fault

I install stardict and it run well, however yesterday I try to run it, it doesn’t show up.
Try to run it from command line and give message like this:

Segmentation fault

But today I try it again it run well.

Spelling plugin loaded. plug-in loaded.
Gucharmap plug-in loaded.
QQWry plug-in loaded.
Wiki data parsing plug-in loaded.
Man plug-in loaded.
XDXF data parsing plug-in loaded.
PowerWord data parsing plug-in loaded.
Update info plug-in loaded.
Espeak plug-in loaded.
Festival plug-in loaded.
WordNet data parsing plug-in loaded.
WordNet dict rendering plug-in loaded.
HTML data parsing plug-in loaded.
bookname: quick_english-indonesian , wordcount 23636
bookname: quick_indonesian-english , wordcount 22347
bookname: dictd_www.mova.org_slovnyk_ru-en , wordcount 55820
bookname: Mueller7GPL , wordcount 46198
bookname: dictd_www.mova.org_engcom , wordcount 1263

What happened actually? Can someone please point me how to handle it next time it occured?

I figured it out!

I also met this problem, and I realized, that when I am connected to the Internet everything is OK, when I am not stardict doesn’t start. So what I did to make stardict work on openSuse 11.0:

  1. Connect to the Internet, launch stardict.
  2. Go to “manage plug-in” section and turn off “update 1.0” plugin.
  3. Star to use great stardict even without Internet! :slight_smile:

Thanks alot! Never though of that. :smiley: