Starcraft on Wine and fglrx..

Currently running wine v. 1.1.43 from Packman repository.

Just running basic desktop theme. (whatever it may be)…

Was on Linux Mint 8.0 and wine + Starcraft worked great.
Was also on Linux Fedora core and wine + Starcraft worked great.
both on fglrx.

Now, on OpenSuse, and wine + Starcraft + fglrx != good… :frowning:

OGL mode is VERy VERY slow for some reason, though they worked smoothly on other distributions.

gdi mode is barely acceptable for gameplay.

I have also noticed that fglrx is running much slower than other distributions.

glxgears + fgl_glxgears checks out well.
windows version of OGL testing application worked well also.

Even in Windowed mode, it is slow in OGL mode.

Help me out… As this is pretty much only game I like to play.

This will be something to do with ATI, of which I know little.
I can tell you though, wine is not in Packman!

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You are right. I added daily wine build from build services.

Maybe I should remove wine and just install version from main repository.

The wine repo is good IMO

It was the build service version of wine that was issue. I downgraded to 1.1.28 and everything is good now.

Well done.
I use the BS version without issue, but not with that game:)