StarCraft 2

I’m really looking forward to this game. I didn’t get into StarCraft until January of this year but after that I’ve become a huge fan and I usually play LAN games every week with friends and I’ve played a few matches online. My APM has increased a lot recently from a pitiful 40 to 80-100. I know it’s still not good but hopefully by the time StarCraft 2 comes out it will be around 200.

I think StarCraft is definitely one of the best and polished RTS games ever made and is most certainly my favorite.

I’m looking forward to building my new desktop to run StarCraft 2 with a dual boot of Windows 7 and openSUSE.

Anyone else psyched for this game?

yes, although the release date has been put back to 2010.
Given its a blizzard game, one of few companies that release their games for both Windows and Mac there is a fair chance it will run decently under wine in openGL mode? (Like Warcraft III (gold status) and World of Warcraft (Platinum status))

There is some online petition as well for native linux versions of blizzard games. Although I don’t think the petition itself does any good and doubt blizzard will do so for Starcraft 2 it wouldn’t be -that- strange for them to do so.
After all Starcraft is about the most popular ‘old’ game (dates back to ~1997?) there is and even its linux fanbase would be quite large…(as in, its mostly people with several years of computer experience under their belt that are using Linux - so quite a few are probably familiar with Starcraft).
Considering the openGL support they’ll need for the Macs the majority of the work is already been done as well.

PS: If you want to read too deep into the words, their FAQ states “StarCraft II is being developed for Windows and Mac. We have no current plans to bring the game to any console platform.” which of course differs from “any other platforms”.

Hudge fan of StarCraft since early 2000s. Its the best RTS imho and the only one I still play. You know what they say about sequals (hope not to be true) but CANT wait myself.

I am looking forward to the release of SC2. I still have my original copy of SC and BW.

Lots of memorys playing on my 233 Mhz IBM Aptiva! The game ran flawlessly on my old system hehe.

I am actually considering putting together a cheap Windows PC to play SC2.

I still PLAY my original copies of SC and BW! My 9-year old is obsessed with beating me.

incognito9: LOL. I am thinking of introducing my 6 year old niece to RTS games, however I don’t want to get blamed if her grades drop down :slight_smile:

I am finding it harder over the years to compete with kids in video games. They seem to be picking things up pretty quick when it comes to video gaming.

I signed up for the beta, requires an original cd-key for one of their previous games, (I used my Starcraft I one as it refused my WoW key for some reason…)
Then you need to run some blizzard environment sniffer tool and then just pray you get picked.
The blizzard environment sniffer runs fine under wine btw :wink:

Good old Battle Net.