Standby instead of Hibernate and vice versa - HP 635

Hello all,
on a friends laptop which I’m setting up for him I recently tried out OpenSuse as an installation. Said laptop is a, erm, very basic model HP 635 with a double core AMD E-450 APU. It came along with SUSE Enterprise Edition, which I ran over with OpenSuse 12.3. The installation process was really smooth, for which I, as a Linux noob, am totally grateful, and so far everything I tried works very fine except for one fine detail: When I tell the system to hibernate, it instead chooses standby mode and vice versa, so I get the impression that the buttons have been swapped.
Since this is no major issue I’m pretty sure the future user will be able to cope with it, but just for the sake of my sparking curiosity: Do you know what possibly went wrong here? Could you give me a hint where to look?

Thanks in advance!


Ah, sorry: KDE!
I also forgot to mention that it’s the x86_64 platform I installed.