Staff Appointment - New Global Moderator


Please extend a warm welcome to our very latest addition to the Global Moderator Team @Spyhawk!

Welcome Remy:shake:

Spyhawk, welcome to our team.

Welcome and congratulation for the new post. <:)

Congratulations Remy!!! :good:

Welcome and bienvenue! :shake:

Welcome to the team Remy, now we can at last take holidays.

Soyez le bienvenu, Remy. A nous la future !!!

Welcome aboard Remy :slight_smile: :shake:

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Yea Spyhawk. What Knurpt said…I think…

Welcome and congratulations!
Keep this forum clean from spambots and trolls! \m/

> Moderator Team @Spyhawk!

been needing some adult help around here…
lets see if you can!


Thanks to all :wink:

palladium > I’ll do my best. I think I’ll start by growing my beard :wink:

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