Stackexchange dedicated to openSUSE


I am sure this is not the right place to post, but I didn’t find a correct category, yet feel it is relevant to people visiting this forum. I noticed that there has been a proposal for a dedicated stack exchange site for openSUSE.

openSUSE has been my preferred distribution for many years. Key reason is the great stability. Unfortunately, this also means that there is not so much need for asking many questions (unlike, in my experience, with kubuntu). Still forums and community is very important when deciding on a distribution.

I believe that having a more visible community on stackexchange, just like askubuntu, might attract more people to the distribution and would encourage everybody to support the proposal:

If there is any reason to keep the community centered on this forum, I sincerely appologize and see no problem in removing or commenting on the site proposal in that way.


First, thank you for willing to invest your time and energy to contribute to an even better openSUSE experience. No need to apologize :).
But … why not use this time and energy within the openSUSE Project? There are a lot of areas that could use some extra hands.

Recently we had our openSUSE Board face to face meeting in Nürnberg, where we ( amongst other things ) the fragmentation of support re. the openSUSE Project. We came to the conclusion that the forums should be our main platform for the community.

Personally I’d rather see you contribute to the openSUSE Project than creating yet another openSUSE support site outside the openSUSE Project.

I suggest you send an email to, so the Board can discuss this ( probably also with some of the teams ).