Stable Solution-Install Nvidia-Linux-driver 260.xx.xx in opensuse 11.3

i know if u search a solution in forums u get so much confused information. i hope this little manual will help all with the nvidia driver problem!

u dont need to edit or create a xorg.conf or something to run the driver correct and u need no blacklistedit too! if u did the standard opensuse 11.3 install its only about 2 kernel packages and the disabling of the x11noveau driver.

1. after standard installing opensuse 11.3 update and install the opensuse softwareupdates

**2. **install with the yast software re/installer:

                    (from Desktop or from the terminal. the terminal text command is: yast2)



make (if u dont have)

midnight commander (text command: mc)

3. download the nvidiadriver for youre card and notice the path. it must be a .run file.

**4. ** (disable the noveau driver)

go to boot/grub/ and edit the file: menu.lst with the word: nomodeset after one space direct

after the first “vga=xxx” spezifikation on the right place, and save the file!

(splash=silent quiet showopts vga=0x317 nomodeset)

(if u cant edit and save, give u the rights of the file! type: chmod 777 menu.lst)

5. restart system

6. u will see a white screen when suse booted up into gnome. wait a little bit and then
press Alt+Strg+F1 to go in the colored text terminal!

            (i think its possible too to go via key in the terminal before gnome/x starts)whatever.

**7. **log in as root.

8. type: init 3 (its about shutting down gdm/kde, there gives more ways to stop if u
changed the runlevel 3! “gdm stop” for example)

**9. **type: cd /…/(youre folder where u downloaded the driver)

**10.**type: sh -q

**11.**accept the answers in the driver setup

**12.**if the driver setup says nothing about failures, the setup 'says at last: now
configurate with sax2 etc… press enter and the setup is finish.

**13.**type: init 5, wait and a nvidia logo comes up quickly. well done! check youre
system information and u will see nvidia in the driverlist. now u can configurate the nvidia x server programm too.

u dont need to change the menu.lst after all, only u get many problems. run the midnight commander and delete the nomodeset word and the noveau driver would be normally still active after reboot.

Hello firstlibary and thanks for taking the time to put this information together. I would like to say that normally we do not change the permissions on the /boot/grub/menu.lst file in order to edit the file. If you were a KDE user, you could use the menu Run command:

kdesu kwrite /boot/grub/menu.lst

Enter the root use password, add in the command nomodeset like shown in the following line:

kernel /boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD6000HLHX-01JJPV0_WD-WXA1C20K0415-part2 resume=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD6000HLHX-01JJPV0_WD-WXA1C20K0415-part1 splash=silent quiet **nomodeset** showopts vga=0x346

You could also run a File Manager such as Dolphin as a Super User, right click on the file and select any editor you wish to use.

Normally, to install the nVIDIA driver after a kernel update or for the very first time, you must do so in runlevel 3. If you have never loaded the driver before, it is best to reboot your computer. In the Grub Operating System Selector menu, before you press enter for the openSUSE version you want to load, just enter a 3 and then press enter. This will take you to runlevel three, after the kernel has loaded.


If you have already loaded the nVIDIA driver before, you did not just update your kernel and you want to upgrade the nVIDIA video driver, you can open up a terminal session and execute the following commands. When you see the password prompt, enter the root user password. You do not type the word password:

su -
init 3

login: root

The command init 3 will close the X Windows session, which is your selected desktop and return you to the terminal prompt. For anyone that would like to install the nVIDIA video driver the hard way may also find a script file I wrote to be useful. Here in the above example the last command I would enter would be lnvhw, which would load the following script file:

LNVHW - Load NVIDIA (driver the) Hard Way from runlevel 3

Message #12 has the most recent version of LNVHW you can use (The actual file name is lnvhw and so enter the name as lower case to run).

Thank You,

Or if you are a GNOME user you can do this command to edit menu.lst:

gnomesu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Probably not a good idea to change permissions of menu.lst to 777

midnight-commander as a new dependency is funny enough - however it’s an excellent program but honnestly, I see too many wrong concepts in this post. Not to mention that for most 32bit system users, 260.x drivers are more likely to be problem than a solution.

nice ok! yes i did all with gnome and a 64 bit system! sorry about the chmod thing!:
so not all are profis here. i wrote the midnight comannder only, because no command profis have a better and easier chance to change some files. thank u very much for the replys!

People, please do not use chmod 777 and if someone did it, its very importent to annulment this permisson because its not safely to letting it !! use the “gnomesu” or the “kdesu” to edit! a menu.lst.backup will be created automatically! Sorry again, i cant reedit (delete) this guide

PM one of the mod’s and see if they will help you fix it…or maybe
‘hide’ it…

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