SSHFS weird problem allowing one user to connect but not another


I had a working sshfs system, but after an update (maybe before, because some things were not working like X11) I can’t mount over sshfs for my user. However, if I use another user, it is perfectly happy to mount it.

sshfs -o sshfs_debug user1@server:/path /path 

It just hangs. I can connect to the ssh server using ssh command, though.

sshfs -o sshfs_debug user2@server:/path /path 

Connects and mounts fine. neither user1 nor user2 are users on the client system.

Feels like a setup issue?


On the server, I had an entry in .bashrc that changed my default group to something else and changed umask. Both sshfs and scp were not happy with this. I have changed to do this only if SSH_TTY is set and I now I have a working sshfs/scp and have desired result in ssh session.