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Just been wondering whether I can check the status of the sshd service remotely i.e. if it replies to users’ requests; this service runs on the Linux server guess it would be the 22 tcp port ].

If possible, can this be done via the freshly installed WinXP OS on my laptop the LAN network is the same for both the server and laptop ], probably some parameters, if any, should be used along with the netstat command…or any other suggestions?

And, yes, there would be the Linux firewall, which do not allow an outbound connection from the Winxp laptop, and needs to be by-passed.

Well, what I’d probably need to know is just if the sshd’s port is open or not…

Sorry for this cross platform request submitted, just trying figuring out ways of maintaining the Linux server remotely.



you could simply use telnet on port 22



So just to confirm:
telnet open 22 ]

…and Bang!!! “Access denied”

  • stan rybakov wrote, On 01/18/2009 08:26 PM:
    > Thanks!
    > So just to confirm:
    > telnet open 22 ]

telnet hostnameorIP 22
If there’s an SSH server available and listening, it should show its version.

> …and Bang!!! “Access denied”
> lol!

What did you expect? :slight_smile:


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I’m having a hard time figuring out how you want to test what seems to
be your SUSE box’s SSH port. It sounds like you want to test it
remotely from a windows xp box, which is fine, but then you mention
netstat which doesn’t make sense. As Uwe mentioned telnet would work
out of the box though telnet is a crappy tool. If you can afford to get
additional tools get nmap or, even better for this one test, netcat.
Some antivirus software mistakenly identifies netcat as a virus though
it (at least an un-trojaned version) is not.

So back to the issue… netstat won’t do anything for you remotely
since it lists data about the local box (XP in your case, unless you run
it on the Linux box which would give you accurate data about SSH). You
also mentioned firewalls, though since you know it’s there I don’t know
why you’re bothering to test the port.

You basically have two ways to do what you want… ask the machine
itself if 22 is open and also if the firewall is blocking it (separate
things for sure) or ask a remote machine if it can reach the port. The
former is accurate, the latter probably more practical. If you were to
describe a purpose behind all this it would help.

Good luck.

stan rybakov wrote:
> Thanks!
> So just to confirm:
> telnet open 22 ]
> …and Bang!!! “Access denied”
> lol!
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Thanks for the replies above guys!!!

It felt like the Novell 2nd tier tech support had contacted me on this really.

Basically you got me right when saying “ask the machine
itself if 22 is open and also if the firewall is blocking it”: the machine being queried is the Linux box and the one issuing the query itself is the WinXP box.

And I am absolutely OK if the telnet is the only tool I get straight off of the bare bones WinXP box i.e. without applying any third party tools like nmap. Just double reading you know…

Thanks again!!!