sshd passwordless login does not work after update ...

… on 2 different machines with this error:

Oct 31 07:48:45 minnie sshd[1888]: fatal: mm_answer_keyverify: buffer error: incomplete message

construction: ssh-rsa key with 1024 and another with 2048 bytes in the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
(“ssh-rsa AAAAB3N… …ysZYCQ== rsa-key-20181031”)

I have to delete/rename this file to relogin with my account …

If I didn’t find that error thread, pls don’t be angry but beam me to that thread - thankyou very much.


perhaps this is the problem:

Yes, this is a know problem caused by the 20181029 snapshot. I’ve been following that bug report. It looks as if they are close to a solution.

My own workaround was to revert to the previous “openssh” version. But it might be fixed soon enough that it’s not worth doing that now – especially if they put the fixed package in the update repo so that it is available without waiting for a new snapshot.

There’s a thread on the factory mailing list:
openssh 7.8p1 (was: New Tumbleweed snapshot 20181029 released!)

I haven’t seen a previous mention here (openSUSE forums).

And indeed, fixed openssh packages have been pushed out through the Update repo. Installed, and passwordless login works like before,

Thanks for all the replies, it was that “known” problem, that costed me some hours of my life :slight_smile: But it is solved, because there is a correction via online update. Thanks for your help and and all your replies. You helped me not to waste more hours of my life .