ssh -X on AMD computers

hi, as you can see, i´m new to this forum.

i searched through and cant find a similar problem.

ok, heres my story:

i´m using a ssh -X to login on a server in my office to start some graphical entertainment for our costumers.
last week i was on holyday with my kids and have to use the PC of my mom (yeah, she also uses opensuse) but her PC has an AMD-cpu (X2 EE 2000MHz) and as i started the application, the whole computer freezes and didn´t respond to anything till the application was completly loaded.
i mean, hey, thats an AMD X2 sys with 2 GB of ram, why is that sys freezing with just a firefox over ssh?

but best comes now! same thing, using my old laptop with just 1 GB ram and an 1500MHz pentium mobile and guess what, no freez, firefox over ssh in the background and i was able to surf and use other apps just as if theres nothing in the back…

i tested the same thing back at work, as i thought, it was the wireless card that kills every resource of my moms computer.
but same story with normal onboard ethernet and AMD board.
with my C2D computers it works normaly, just AMD-based X2 computers seems to have some strange problems.

all my systems have an uptodate opensuse 11.0 and no “alien” hardware.

anyone else with this problem? or any ideas?

ps: sorry for my english but its not my native language…