SSH working internally but not externally

Hello guys!

I have this issue: server in a vmware vlan with openSSH running, let’s say serverA. The firewall is down, internet is accesible, and I can ping the server from other server (serverB) in the same vlan and viceversa (ping severB from serverA). However, I cannot connect by SSH from serverB to serverA, but I can see SSH running in serverA, and I also can connect using SSH from serverA to serveA (doing #ssh root@serverA).

I checked hosts.allow and hosts.deny but I cannot notice anything wrong.

Any idea about what could be happenning?

Thanks in advanced for your help in this regard.


what exactly “cannot connect” means? Show full command and its output of “ssh -vvv serverA” from serverB.

Are you sure you set up a vlan?
That’s different than a virtual network which I suspect you really mean.

Like every other virtualization technology,
If you want two vms to connect with each other, just configure both to use the same bridge device… Does not matter what type, can be bridging, NAT, Host-only.
When two vms are connected to the same bridge device, they are on the same virtual network and will need to be configured with IP addresses which can communicate with each other (If you need to test, each machine should be able to ping the IP address of the other machine successfully).
Without some kind name resolution, you won’t likely be able to connect to another machine or access resources by name, but anything including SSH should work fine using IP addresses.

Even if a networking issue, if you suspect the problem has everything to do with being set up using virtualization, it should be posted in the Virtualization forum.