Ssh "Have a lot of fun..."

I’ve seen various posts that point at /etc/motd I can’t find it – there is no motd file and /etc/motd.d is empty. I would like to delete this message can someone tell me where to find the file?


This file is provided by package pam

This is BTW not an SSH feature. It belongs to login. See

man login

Just to avoid confusion.

I have my override of /usr/lib/motd.d/welcome in /etc/motd.d/welcome. It’s just a renamed copy of what used to be my edited /etc/motd: “Have a lot of <hostname> fun…”

Many thanks! That worked! I assume that following a pam upgrade, I’ll have to delete the file again. Sorry @mrmazda I only just saw your reply – that looks like a better solution than deleting the file!

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