SSD Optimizations

After several threads I started in the past, I’ve already installed and currently enjoying 12.1 !

So far so good. During the first boot the system refused to start in the “normal” graphical way but after single restart everything was just fine(GTX 570 card). Just to be safe I installed the nvidia proprietary driver.

The things I’m searching advice on how to do are:

  1. I wanna change the I/O scheduler to noop just for the SSD and leave the general one alone.
  2. I wanna change the way the system uses the swap space and reduce the usage.

Any of the “graphical ways”/“command line”/“editing a file” methods will work just fine for me. I’ve managed to find some ways of doing this, but just double checking for the correct way.

And some other thing I’ve seen and been wondering about - after boot and log in the system kind of hangs for a few seconds. I can’t open the kickoff menu or start a program but can drag and move icons on the desktop gadget. Only after that period of time I hear the “welcome sound”. Everything else seems loaded. Someone else experiencing similar behavior?

Can’t answer 1 but if you have sufficient memory you will not use swap except to hibernate.

You can delete the “pulsaudio-kde.desktop” and “pulsaudio.desktop” from “/etc/xdg/autostart/”, that will prevent the pulsaudio-server trying to start a second time.
That solves my delay I had before the “welcome sound”

About SSD, this pages aren’t updated yet for OS 12.1 but is a start…

SDB:SSD discard (trim) support - openSUSE

SDB:SSD performance - openSUSE