SSD installation

Do I need to do anything special in the partitioning to install LEAP 42.1 to an SSD? I know in the past there have been concerns with aligning partitions for efficient writes - is that all handled automatically now? I know I still want to turn off access times in the mount options to avoid unnecessary writes.

I’ve already installed Windows (8.1 or 10.0) to the systems of interest, so I’m adding new partitions beyond what is being used by Windows.

And in the case of failed installs, do I need to do anything special to wipe the SSD’s history? I’ve had repeated failures installing on one system (drops back to text installation menu in the middle of installing software), so I’d like to clear the partition before reinstall.

Nope if BTRFS then nothing else to do but maybe the noatime flag. Avoid putting partitions that may experience a very large number of writes per day to increase life of drive. But unless you have a very special case a drive should last at least 5+ years with normal usage. No special partitioning is really needed