Squid and Iptables problem

Hi Friends,
I work with windows server at my work place, however, there is a SuSE 10.1 box being used as proxy-squid, iptables, apache web server for a small portal; and gateway of the lan. It has 2 nic cards.

Though, I am not much familier with linux, I have to handle linux server as well from now onwards as the person who had configured has left and the responsibilities are mine.

Few Days Earlier:

Squid containing acls files with rules - OK
Iptables - ok
We have one public IP, so that the web portal was also being accessed from outside.


Suddently, it was found that the web portal is not being accessed from outside. No configuration or any thing was changed. Its all of a sudden. Upon checking, it was found that all http request were rejected by port 80.

New rule was inserted as below:
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

then web portal worked.

Eethg was alright before and working, why this has happened? Also, I need to insert the rule everytime the server is booted, it doesnot load automatically, what could be the solution?? Googled but the found solution didnt work.

Another big problem is that the rules set in the squid or iptables are not being implemented. People are viewing even the sites blocked in the squid.

Why this is happening? I have not changed anything in the server, it was working all right, the problem started all of asudden. The only thing I had done was changed the password for the SuSE server.

Best Regards,


It is a bit unclear what you have there. When you talk about SuSE 10.1 that is in any case something long gone into the mist of history. When I search in Wikipedia, I see that in the SUSE Linux lineage there is SUSE LINUX 10.1, supported from 2007-6-18 to 2008-11-31. When I look in thee openSUSE lineage, there was SUSE Linux from 2006-05-11 to 2008-05-31. Both (whatever you have there) long out of support.

Mark also that these are the openSUSE forums, not the SUSE Linux Enterprise forums (they are at https://forums.suse.com/forum.php).

I hope you understand that not many people can give any advice based on having the same system available as you have.

And of course, most people will warn you against running a system with a connection to the internet that lags so much behind in security patches.