squid 3 + shorewall version 4

Help Me please!!!

I just install opensuse 11.2 with squid 3 + shorewall version 4,
I just installed opensuse 11.2 3 n squid shorewall.

whether the master can help me, to configure squid 3 and shorewall,
I want to make squid transparent so that the client no longer manually configure the 3128 port of their browser.

This topology I
modem> PC (eth0)> PC (eth1)> Switch> Client

eth0: / 16
eth1: / 24
dhcp: - 192 168 254

Can the master taught me how, squid and shorewallnya
zone, masq, policy, rules, interfaces …


thx be for!!
I’m new in the world of opensuse 11.2