Square cashew

Trivia ‘r’ us, and I want my old rounded cashew back! The cashew itself of course is round but I’m referring to its background in the screen corner and that’s now rectangular which I don’t like - I’ll have to switch to Gnome if I can’t change that rotfl!
Any ideas?

Yes, It is ugly.:wink:
I made it disappear in the desktop setting.

What version are you running? Mine is still “round” like normal cashew.

I don’t want the cashew to “disappear”, or do you mean there’s a setting to change its shape? I’ve looked but no luck… Go on,spill the beans :wink:

Same as yours. Had that ever since the 11.2 release. Have since upgraded to KDE 4.3.4 but still the same.


I am using KDE4.3.4. I have four work spaces each has their own different desktop wallpaper. The first two work spaces are configured to use the plain desktop (desktop without toolbox) and the two uses the desktop (default desktop containment)
The 2 simple desktops does not show the cashew and the 2 default desktop shows the cashew.:wink:

You can click and drag it (Might need to unlock widget not sure) and if it isn’t exactly in the corner it gets rectangular, you might have done this by accident? Try dragging it back to the corner.

I can drag it around as much as I like but it steadfastly refuses to abandon its squareness… Anyway, it’s happening on dozens of desktops I’ve configured in 11.2 and I’m not THAT butterfingered…

That’s only a 50% success rate then :wink: And at an unacceptable price for two of the desktops!

Ha, ha, we can make it 100% we will turn the remaining two into simple desktops.:stuck_out_tongue: