SQLite server help?...

CAn anyone link me to documentation showing me how to setup and SQLite database server. I have a MySQL database server already, but would like to do the same with SQLite.

Here’s how my network looks:
—Server - openSuse 11.2 (
------------Guest - openSuse 11.2 (Drupal Development) (
------------Guest - openSuse 11.2 (Drupal Production) (
------------Guest - openSuse 11.2 (MySQL Database) (
------------Guest - openSuse 11.2 (Sqlite Database) (

So far I have not found documents for setting up a SQLite database and connecting to it in Drupal. So I hoping I could find some documents here I use as a quide.

thats the joke about SQLite, it does not require a server. SQLite is a C library and PHP brings a wrapper add-on. i am not sure about drupal, but it might also work with PDO.

Yea, I just read this about SQLite in there documents over at there site:

High-volume Websites
SQLite will normally work fine as the database backend to a website. But if you website is so busy that you are thinking of splitting the database component off onto a separate machine, then you should definitely consider using an enterprise-class client/server database engine instead of SQLite

So, I’m going to cancel this project. Because my site will start off with low volume but, I know it will be become high. And, I don’t want my database on the same server as my web server.

SQLite is not a server. It’s a database contained in a set of files, and the library provides SQL functions to access the data. Hence the limitation on performance.

As already mentioned by others, SQlite is not suitable for Production quality applications unless you are going to use it as a small store for keeping little data such as configuration data etc.

Thanks for the replies! I appreciate it!